Our Dallas kids kung fu class encourages patience, self-discipline, personal responsibility, empowerment, fitness and of course self-defense skill. We teach your children in a supportive and fun environment.

You will love to watch them grow and transform as they move up in rank through our system. There is nothing magical about getting a black belt; the magic is who you child becomes on the way to that goal.

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The Adult Dallas Kung Fu program works by transforming a person's fitness, energy, and flexibility. When you combine this new physical feeling with the positive mental state that comes from achieving and exceeding what you thought possible, you will find unbelievable confidence and personal power.

Dallas Kung Fu teaches and effective form self-defense that is 1500 years old just makes it even better. You become a new version of yourself on the path to reaching higher levels. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great.

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Tai Chi is a slow moving mindfulness practice appropriate for adults of any age. It encourages relaxation, balance, deeper breathing, full-body awareness and smooth distribution of energy (Chi) throughout the body.

At Dallas Tai Chi we moves slow and gentle, but the energy and power you'll feel will amaze you. Our internal curriculum includes regular Chi Kung breathing exercises.

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Welcome to North Texas Shaolin-Do

Shaolin-Do is far more than a martial art. It is a journey. It follows a 1500 year old trail all the way back to the original Shaolin temples in China. It is not merely a way of fighting, but a path to the mastery of life. Tournaments and ranking are not emphasized in this style, though both exist within it. Our Grandmaster teaches health, longevity and an appreciation of life, as well as the most ancient and deadly of fighting techniques.