Tai Chi

Adult Kung-Fu

Traditional Tai-chi

Join a rich tradition of internal martial arts passed down from Shaolin monks.

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Adult Kung-Fu

Reduce Stress

Enhance relaxation and reduce stress through gentle, flowing movements

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Adult Kung-Fu

Self improvement

Improve body awareness, balance, and flexibility with ancient techniques.

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Adult Kung-Fu


Learn self-defense through the concept of accommodation.

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Adult Kung-Fu

improve health

Boost overall health with integrated breath training and internal conditioning.

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Tai Chi Chuan means “Grand Ultimate Fist” in Chinese. It was the ultimate fighting art for one reason. It held the keys to the only sure-fire door to personal mastery; body awareness and self-knowledge. Learn to improve yourself through relaxation, increased body awareness, balance and flexibility, while also learning to defend oneself with minimal use of effort by applying the concept of accommodation.

Contrary to the popular belief that the Shaolin monks only practiced the “hard styles,” they actually practiced every major form of internal martial art. The internal training of the Monks has been passed down in Shaolin-Do and includes:

  • Tai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan)
  • Pa Kua Chang (Baguazhang)
  • Hsing-I Ch’uan (Xingyiquan)

look below for more of our Internal Curriculum

Shaolin-Do also posses a body of knowledge on esoteric Taoist and Buddhist Chi Kung (breath training) and Nei Kung (internal training) techniques.

The internal curriculum also consists of I Ching Ching and Iron Bone conditioning. I Ching Ching is a series of 49 exercises aimed at transforming the body into a strong and pure environment.

The Shaolin-Do Internal Curriculum includes:

  • Yang Family 24 Posture
  • Yang Family 64 Posture
  • Yang Family Straight Sword
  • Yang Family Broadsword
  • Yang Family Broadsword Two-Man set
  • Chen Family 83 Posture
  • Chen Family Iron Fan
  • Fist of Ultimate Mercy
  • Classical Pa Kua Chang
  • Classical Pa Kua 7 fighting techniques
  • 8-Animal Pa Kua
  • Snake (python) Pa Kua
  • Pa Kua Spear
  • Pa Kua Wu Tze Kun (Sun Moon Fork)
  • Dragon Style Pa Kua (4-sections)
  • Pa Kua Broadsword
  • Yin/Yang Dagger
  • Hsing Ie 5 Roads
  • Hsing Ie Linkage Form
  • Hsing Ie 12 Animals Forms
  • Hsing Ie Two-Man Set
  • Hsing Ie Shattering Fist (applications)
  • Hsing Ie Entwine the dragon sword
  • Single and Double Pushing Hands
  • Small & Large Circle Breathing
  • Hua To’s Five Animal Chi Kung (3 SETS)
  • (Before Heaven Chi, Live Set, and After Heaven Chi Set)
  • Eagle Claw Chi Kung
  • Damo’s I Chin Chings (1-49)
  • Meteor Fist (4 forms)
  • Hurling Rocks Fist
  • Hurling Rocks Feet
  • Dragons twirls the Plum flowers to 1000 eagles (eagle claw form)
  • Dragons twirls the plum flowers to 1000 snakes (snake form)
  • Ban Lian Hua Chien (10,000 Lotus Blooming)
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