Kids Kung-Fu

Adult Kung-Fu

Teach Healthy Living

Instill a love for healthy living and active lifestyles.

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Adult Kung-Fu

Build Confidence

Build confidence through hard work and perseverance.

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Adult Kung-Fu


Learn self-defense techniques to avoid violence and develop strong character.

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Adult Kung-Fu

Foster Success

Foster a positive attitude and self-control for success in life.

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Adult Kung-Fu

Have Fun

Enjoy a fun, engaging, and long-lasting martial arts experience.

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We have four distinct goals for our Kid’s Martial Arts Program.

  1. Instill a love for living a healthy lifestyle with Kids Kung-Fu
  2. Teach them confidence through hard work, perseverance and facing their fears.
  3. Give them techniques for self defense that will allow them to avoid violence and develop a strong character.
  4. HAVE FUN!

Our Kung-Fu Teaching Philosophy

Our Kids Kung-fu classes prepare kids for a successful and fun Martial Arts experience and we prepare them for a successful life. We teach the kids that hard work and effort are all the reward a person needs. Your children learn that they have control of their own destiny by teaching them perseverance, self-confidence, and a positive attitude. Children are taught to build character first and martial arts second.

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What parents of Martial Arts Students say

We often hear parents tell us that our Kung Fu program is the only thing their child has ever “stuck with”. They often say that organized sports or other activities never held the child’s interest for very long. However, these same kids end up spending years with us. They reinvent themselves as highly skilled, highly confident, people that never says “I can’t” or allows themselves to quit important things.

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