Adult Kung Fu Program


Adult Kung Fu Classes


Adult Kung Fu Class

  • Feel Healthier

  • Increase Overall Body Flexibility

  • Learn Effective Self-Defense

  • Feel Empowered and Confident

  • Get More Energy

  • Get Inspired

  • Be Part Of A Goal Oriented Community

  • Reinvent Your Life

Our Adult Kung Fu classes teach traditional kung fu forms including animal forms, weapons and many other effective self-defense techniques. Shaolin-Do students are left with the experience of being empowered and confident in all aspects of their lives. They leave class knowing they have the ability to defend themselves and their families.
Practicing Shaolin-Do Adult Kung Fu results in improved flexibility, mental focus and memory, and a chance to meet great people.  To be a master of kung fu means to be a master of oneself and of life. Kung Fu truly improves all aspects of life, beginning with improving health and fitness and then the training moves to meditation and other practices to help quiet the mind and reach goals

Our school teaches the classic animal kung fu forms including:

Tiger, Monkey, Mantis, Crane, Eagle and many others.

These forms develop flexibility, strength, mental focus and coordination. After a short time in class you will start to notice a change in your body, mind and reflexes. You are going to love your new abilities.

Our Shaolin-Do school also teaches a large variety of traditional Chinese weapon forms including but not limited to:

Staff, Broadsword (Dao), Double Tiger Hook Swords, Nunchaku, Short Stick, Sai, Kwan-Dao, Spear, Chain Whip, Double Dagger, Double Hand Axes and many, many more...