Sifu Nathan Harman

Sifu Nathan is a 4th Degree Black Belt with over 25 years of Martial Arts training. He started his training in Shotokan Karate and then studied American Taekwondo. For the past fifteen years Nathan has been studying Shaolin-Do Kung-Fu under Grandmaster Sin Kwong Thé and Senior Master Joe Schaefer. Sifu Nathan has a great passion for studying and teaching martial arts, and enjoys sharing that passion with his students.

What to Expect

We assume that the student who joins either the Kung-Fu or the Tai Chi program is looking for some improvement in their fitness level, and that the beginning student is feeling a little out of shape and inflexible. Therefore, we begin training at a gentle pace. Each class begins with a gentle warm-up. Once the muscles are warm and stretched, class begins. We encourage modification of movements to compensate for an old injury or ache you may be nursing when you join.

For the student who is in prime form and has been exercising regularly, don’t despair. Everything can be done more intensely during class when appropriate.

In a short time, you will find yourself moving faster and stronger, bending lower and kicking higher! It sneaks up on you!

The curriculum is such that you progress smoothly both in the complexity of the movements and in the degree of physical challenge. Your body and brain will receive a constant challenge, but at a safe and controlled rate.

Rates & Schedules Final